Susan Grove, a talented artist, has left her creative mark in various ways.

  1. Mural Magic: Susan Grove is renowned for her intricate murals. Her passion for art ignited over 25 years ago when she saw her uncle’s mural in his home. Inspired, she began painting full scenes of her own, one brushstroke at a time. From children’s bedrooms to giant walls, Susan’s murals grace homes, businesses, and public spaces across Washington County. Notably, she contributed to the St. George Children’s Museum, where her vibrant murals adorn each floor and room, sparking creativity in young minds.
  2. Dinosaur-Sized Art: Susan’s creativity knows no bounds. At the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm, she painted not only the dinosaurs but also a colossal mural spanning an impressive 150 feet by 20 feet. Imagine standing next to ancient reptiles, surrounded by Susan’s vivid artwork.
  3. Local Treasures: Beyond murals, Susan Grove’s artistic flair graces other establishments. Visit The Book Bungalow, enjoy a treat at Daylight Donuts, or step into Santa Clara Elementary—you’ll find her creative touch enhancing these spaces.
  4. Fine Art Pursuit: Formally trained as a child in Southern California, Susan pursued her love for art. Now, she focuses on fine art, excelling in portraiture, landscapes, and still life. Her paintings, available for sale, capture the essence of her passion.

Susan Grove’s canvas extends from private homes to public buildings, leaving an indelible impression on those who encounter her art.